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Your lunar calendar 2018

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Why this calendar: when you're photographer we always need to know or is the moon phase to photograph a full moon, you may also need for a timelapse on the growth of plants where flowers where still to stellar photography , Circumpolar link example, you need to know that this day should not be a moon where a waning Moon!

How to make a cicumpolaire picture?

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A time-lapse is a video animation by a series of photographs taken at different times to present in a short period of time the evolution of the object photographed over a long period. It can be used for example to show the opening of a flower, the movement of the Sun or stars in the sky, or even building a House. The final file takes the form of a file or a video to Animated Gif format.

How to make a TimeLapse

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For this style of photo I do don't ask about 10 seconds long and one filter ND1000

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HTML into a page
< iframe src =URL of the first photo in your Flickr albumplayer/0c62a1c037 height = 650 width = 1000 frameborder = 0 allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen > < /iframe >

The size of the ablbum is editable by changing data - height = 150 and width = 350, for example
Whenever you add a photo to Flickr need updating that HTML with the new URL of the first photo in your Flickr album!

What will give this