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My name: Coline Buch

Looking to immortalize a birthday, a party, a wedding, and you want to be available for your guests, contact me!
Attention I am not a pro, I have no material pro and I do not work like a pro!

I am also looking: of the houses which unfortunately owners are no longer of this world, in order to immortalize their place to live... (Do not change anything in this House, especially don't do the household!)

You know or own gardens which the view is gorgeous (often inaccessible because in private properties) open your door a few minutes and I offer you the result of my work.

You are owner of an old factory that remained in the State and equipped for remembrance and before certain destruction, let me the keys for an hour and I offer you the eternal memory!
The old machines, old tools (agricultural or industrial) particularly interest me everything.

I am a self-taught photographer to research
model (male/female) that I couldn't pay, just for the sake of photography!

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